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We consider it an honor and our Christian duty to prayerfully and financially support missionary activity around the world.  We thank God for the privilege of providing regular support to the missionaries highlighted on this page.

Please join us in praying for the Beach, Ebenhack, Johnson, Curtis and Bravos families, that God would do a mighty work through them in their respective ministries.  Also, as you pray, consider whether God is calling you to a foreign mission field.  Don't be guilty of ignoring God's call for your life!

Gary & Donna Beach

Gary and Donna Beach have been involved in overseas mission work since 1977.  The Lord's first assignment for them was a church-planting ministry in a remote village in Senegal, Africa.  For ten years they were in Cote d'Ivoire, Africa, serving with NTM (New Tribes Mission).  God used Gary's gifted building skills in an important support ministry of building simple, but adequate housing for other missionaries in very remote areas.  This ministry helped the missionaries settle in and adjust to their new environment.  It also helped speed up the process of learning the language and culture, so that the missionaries could teach and translate the Scriptures for the Africans in those language groups.

In the summer of 2001 Gary and Donna relocated to England, where they have the opportunity to serve at the new NTM facilities at North Cotes, England.  Last year (2000) the Lord miraculously provided for NTM to purchase a former RAF base, move and expand the already existing Bible College, and develop a missionary training program for Christians desiring to study the Bible and train for global ministry.

Gary's role is to oversee the development of this property, which includes the renovation of existing buildings.  In addition, he teaches practical skills to students, preparing them for living in a third-world country.  Donna fills a role in the office, and they both appreciate the opportunity to mentor some of the students.

The Beach's sending church is Community Bible Church in McDonough, GA, where they have been members since 1976.  They have four grown children, two boys and two girls: Mindy, Chad, Melina, and Shaun.  They are also the proud grandparents of four delightful grandchildren!

NTM in the U.K.:  www.ntm.org.uk

NTM in the U.S.A.:  www.ntm.org

Jarod & Jennifer Ebenhack


Howard & Jannie Johnson

In the summer of 2001 Howard and Jannie Johnson moved from Wisconsin to minister to the Indigenous People of Canada. The goal of their ministry is to plant a Native American church. They will be involved in Bible studies, evangelism, discipleship, women's and children's outreach, and service in a variety of cultural contexts.

Evangelistic outreach to Native people has many challenges. By the mid-1800's the British Government assumed control over the political, social, religious, and economic aspects of the Indian culture. For generations, Native children were forcibly taken from their homes and families and sent to live at boarding schools run by religious orders. The government probably had good intentions with the residential school program, but the results were the destruction of families. While at the residential schools, most of the children suffered emotional, physical, or sexual abuse. One hundred years of government-imposed religious indoctrination have caused many survivors of the residential schools to view Christianity and missionaries from a negative perspective. They associate their deep pain with "The Church", and reject Christianity before they have really had a chance to understand the good news of Jesus Christ. Fortunately, the residential school program ended in 1985. There is a new generation growing up without the same painful memories, and by God's grace, more openness to hear what the Gospel is really about.

Howard served three years in the U.S. Army as a Chaplain's Assistant. He led Bible studies and participated in evangelism at each base where he served.  Jannie grew up in a Christian home in The Netherlands. Through God's wonderful providence God brought Howard 6000 miles into Jannie's Dutch home where they met. They were married in 1976 and have been blessed with four children.

The Johnson's serve with North America Indigenous Ministries (NAIM).

NAIM Website:  www.naim.ca

Harold & Charlene Curtis

Central Missionary Clearinghouse (CMC)

Carlos Bravos Family

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