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Living Word Bible Church is a body of believers in the Lord Jesus Christ meeting together for worship and mutual edification to the glory of God. As the Reformers’ cry was sola scriptura (Scripture alone), we desire to proclaim and also submit ourselves to the truth of God’s Word. We sincerely desire that all aspects of our worship service and lives be brought under biblical authority. Because of God’s sovereign and undeserved work in us, we have come to rejoice in the Good News of salvation from sin and the wrath to come – a salvation that is in Christ alone, by grace alone, through faith alone, and therefore all to the glory of God alone. Though not strictly “confessional” we stand in the historic Reformed tradition of the 1689 London Baptist Confession of Faith and are a member church of the Fellowship of Independent Reformed Evangelicals.


Living Word Bible Church had its beginnings in the summer of 1999, with a few families meeting together in a living room for worship and fellowship.  This group of families grew in number and eventually had to find another, larger location in which to meet.  The owners of the Blackburn-Lanagan Funeral Home graciously allowed the church to meet in their facility on Sunday evenings in the autumn of that same year.

This growing body of believers formally selected the name “Living Word Bible Church” and began meeting on Sunday mornings at the Channahon Junior High School in December.  After several months of work preparing the Articles of Faith and church Constitution, the first “charter” members officially joined the church in October of 2000.


In November the church’s first four elders were confirmed.  In May 2001 Pastor Timothy Greene was named Senior Pastor of Living Word Bible Church by confirmation vote of the congregation.


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